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small2BIG is a web design and development company in Pune, India.

We specialise in Responsive Web Design, Android & iPhone Mobile Applications,  UI & UX.

Responsive Web Design, Mobile Applications, Pune, India

We design and develop beautiful & reliable websites, user-friendly e-commerce platforms, Android and iOS mobile applications, impressive logo designs and digital marketing channel for an array of businesses

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Users make decisions about the appeal of websites in less than 50 milliseconds of viewing it.

Visual Appeal and Trustworthy Websites are a really important part of businesses.

The solution is brilliant UI & UX which are the only way of making the user trust you.

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Should You Jump on the Responsive Design Bandwagon?

Should You Jump on the Responsive Design Bandwagon? You’ve heard the buzz about “Responsive web design.” But you’re not sure exactly what it is — or why you should pay attention. Here’s a bit of background, so that you can decide whether you ought to jump on the bandwagon. “In simple terms, a responsive web design uses ‘media queries’ to figure out what resolution of device being served on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen,” explains Pete Cashmore in the Mashable.com article “Why 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design.” As consumers increasingly access websites from diverse mobile devices — laptops, smartphones, and regular and mini tablets — it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to optimize web content for various formats and screen sizes. One of the main benefits of responsive web design is that you don’t have to create and maintain a separate mobile version of your company’s website to fit small screens; the design adapts your content accordingly. Of course, switching to responsive web design requires some time and money. Small-business owners shouldn’t just move to it — or any new technology — just because it’s available. Make sure that you can make a business case for its implementation. Here are three questions to ask yourself to help you determine whether your business should adopt responsive web design. 1. Are you redesigning your website or creating a mobile site? If you are making changes to your website or are doing a complete redesign, take the opportunity to incorporate responsive design. This is especially true if your plan includes building a mobile site....

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems Content management is central to your website and business. CMS allows for easy storage and gathering of information. (CMS) or Content Management Systems are programs that allow your website to operate and allow you to maintain it. The system allows for masses of people to share files and information while allowing for control over all data. There are many types of CMS or Content Management Systems. Component Management, Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Learning Content Management, Media Content Management, Mobile content Management and Web Content Management are only a few. Each provides a specific function relative to managing the information stored and delivered to a business website. The ECMS or Enterprise Content Management system is designed to organize diverse information used by a business operation, while CMS or content system management will mange items as simple as a word or phrase or as complex as complete and multiple documents. A Learning CMS would be a program that provides functionality for educational environments. It will duplicate many of the functions that an educator once provided. It can register an individual, tutor, assess performance, provide course catalogues, organize courses and allow for multiple discussion formats. You will guess that a media CMS allows for many of the present musical formats and image presentations that have become central to everyday computing. It controls many functions familiar with our use of daily digital media. The Mobile CMS provides services for all mobile objects, cell phones, black berries and computers. Web Content Management Systems are created to simplify the process of publishing items to the web without using HTML and other...

3 Simple Questions Your Website Should Answer

3 Simple Questions Your Website Should Answer Are you aware that your website may be costing you fistfuls of money? An eye-catching website design will set the stage for your business, obviously. But that powerful first impression only buys you a few seconds of attention. If what you SAY on your website gives visitors the wrong impression, you’re chasing potential clients away. And that problem is far more common than you think. People visiting your website subconsciously look for reasons to bail. They’re not asking themselves, “Why should I stay here and look around?” They’re thinking, “Is this website wasting my time?” Make them struggle to find the answers they need, and they won’t bother hanging around. Don’t hustle for nothing. Instead, anticipate the questions your prospects are probably asking themselves. Use this checklist to make sure potential clients will easily believe hiring you is the best choice they could make. 1. Who Are You? Many writers make the answer to this question the entire focus of their website. They list qualifications, awards, degrees, credentials, and anything they hope will help “sell” their expertise. But people don’t buy credentials. They buy what you can do for them. So you’ve got 3 advanced degrees. You’ve been featured in glossy magazines. You have writing experience a mile long. So what? Ever been around someone who talks only about himself? That’s the only person he cares about – he doesn’t care about what you have to say. And all you can do is nod and smile automatically while hoping your phone rings so you can flee the scene. That’s how your visitor feels when your website is all...

Use of Social Networking Sites in SEO

Social Networking sites are the great ways to present yourself on web, to express your thoughts, share photos & much more interesting stuff. There are several social networking sites available on web & people are using these sites in huge number. But have you ever imagined that these websites can help you to drive more traffic, to generate more visitors? Yes..! These Social Networking sites can literally help you to generate more traffic online. With the help of these sites, you can increase your business network, can share your thoughts, and can spread your links, etc. this is the great way to improve your traffic in SEO. I have reviewed some of these  Social Networking sites : Facebook.com Well, this site is doing very well in the web world. A very very powerful social network till date.  The numbers of its users are quite amazing, its 700+ million (Awesome). 700+ million people are using Facebook. So I would say, this site is really great to get more traffic, to connect thousands of quality people & for online marketing. You can also create your business FB page & can promote it throughout the world. Linkedin.com LinkedIn is the site created purely for Professionals. Thousands of professional are active on LinkedIn. This is the great way to get connected with professionals from all over the world. Twitter.com This is also a great way to let the people know about your business, your updates, new stuff on your sites. YouTube.com YouTube is a very popular video streaming search engine by Google. You can upload your videos & can spread them. Delicious.com Delicious...

What is Off-Page Optimization?

Hello! So, I’m going to write about Off-Page Optimization & the activities related to it. In simple words, Off-Page optimization means doing things off to website for getting ranked in search engines.  Off-page optimization is very important in the world of SEO. To get more traffic & more visibility in search engines we need to get more back-links to our website, & Off-Page Optimization is the best way to get back-links to your website. Activities comes under Off-Page Optimization 1. Search Engine Submission Many of you know the powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What if we get ranked in these Search Engines? Well, by submitting your website into these Search Engines will help to get ranking in these Search Engines. This is most important activity in Off-Page. 2. Directory Submission Well, in last article I talked about Directory Submission. This is also very important activity in Off-Page. Submitting in various SEO friendly directories will help you to get more traffic & back-links. It will help you to boost your ranking in Search Engines. 3. Forum Posting There are many forums on web. Lot of discussions are going on every day. By posting in these forums, participating in discussions will help you spread your links & improve your business all over the world. But before posting in forums first check the subject of forum, whether your category matches to it or not, the quality of a forum. These are very important things while submitting in forums. 4. Social Bookmarking There are several powerful social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Digg etc. which can give you lot of traffic to your sites. Spreading your links...

What is Directory Submission & its Importance?

Hi all today i’m going to write about “Directory Submission”…..! There are several directories available on the web which are showing thousands of links, submissions, sites, advertisements of different companies, organisations, businesses & other products. Directory Submission stands for submitting your website to the directories available on the web. submission process contains submitting your website to the directories along with your site description, title, keywords,URL, E-mail, etc & getting approved by the directories. by submitting in directories, you get back links to your website, in simple words, spreading your links, your business across the world by “Directory Submission” Directory Submission is the important thing in SEO. Directory submission comes under Off-Page Optimization. so select the directories which are friendly with SEO. read more about SEO friendly directories here. Basic things while submitting your site in Directories….. There are many things should be covered while submitting your links into directories, though it seems to be very simple task, but you have to take care of following things… 1. Choosing appropriate category related to your products..! The most important thing while submitting in directories is to choose appropriate & suitable category for your business or product. if you are providing services of computers & you are submitting it in catering services, then its totally wrong & you will not get listed in that category where your services should have to be. 2. Filling your information in directories…! While submitting in directories you will be asked for your information like the title of your site, your name, E-mail address, URL & description of your site, category, keywords, & captcha code. you have to fill all this information correctly &...

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