Our, Learning Management System is a powerful and scalable Learning Management Platform developed to deliver a totally integrated and effective learning experience. The E-learning platform leverages the business globally as well as locally, helping to connect with the clients, partners, employees and professors-students. Knowledge and learning can now be delivered instantly to everyone, anywhere in the organization, through the seamless online learning provided by the E-learning platform.

E-learning  is an easy to manage, user-friendly, cost-effective solution and SCORM Compliant Learning Management System. A SCORM Compliant Learning Management System aids in easy integration of online learning products with the learning platform.

This solution organizes work rapidly and systematically for administration, archives, security, documentation, online seminars, workshops and e-Learning programs. e-learning is designed to meet the challenges of the future by empowering learners to develop new skills and share knowledge; this platform promises ease of use and flexibility in learning.

If it’s incredible features are compared vis-à-vis the product cost, it is certainly the Best value LMS for learning and training purposes in small as well as medium businesses, corporations and educational institutions.

Hence, investing in a good quality-learning platform, like the E-learning Platform will add value to the pedagogy methods of the educational institutes as well as help enterprises and organizations deliver professional trainings to their employees.

E-Content Creation & Conversion Services

Along with our Learning Content Management System (LCMS), we also provide our clients with a well-tailored content that will enhance the online learning experience. Our e-Learning solution combined with our e-Content creation and conversion services will help in delivering content in the most intuitive manner.

E-Learning Solution for Corporates

Our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is an effective and efficient tool for corporates in varied industries. It is a “one-stop” solution for training related requirements and thus helps in enhancing organizational efficiency.

Assessment Engine

Assessment engine is a tool to rank or grade students and employees in a particular training or learning session. It makes students or employees assessment effective and easy.

Learning Management System Utility In Industries

          1)  Education

           2) Corporate