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Baba Films a production house was established in 1995 by Gordhan Tanwani and Ajhai Acharya, the production company had Produced 5 Films under the production banner, with its maiden production “ISHQ” released in 1997 followed by “PYAAR TOH HONA HI THA” IN 1998, “DULHAN HUM LE JAYEGE” IN 2000, “TUMKO NA BHOOL PAYEGE” IN 2002 & “TARZAAN THE WONDER CAR” in 2004.

On 28th August, 2003 Galaxy Multimedia Ltd. was taken over by Mr. Gordhan P. Tanwani the Proprietor of Baba Films a producer who has been associated with the Entertainment Industry since 1995 and was renamed as Baba Arts Ltd. Under the Leadership of the new management, with the intention of steering the company forward certain steps were taken such as improving the existing technology in the studios and certain new ventures were carried out.

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