Website Design And Development

Website Design And Development

We follow a procedure for designing a website. Our objective is to make thing easier for you. Websites gives you an opportunity to communicate with prospective clients. Every business requires an online presence because a website makes it possible for them to reach every market.

A website should provide essential details on the services offered by a company and most importantly, be able to hold the attention of visitors for long. A great website can help you take over your competitors. At small2BIG, we offer custom designed and fully functional websites that help in atttracting an increasing number of visitors to your business. We follow a very systematic process to ensure that you get your site designed without any hassle even if you do not have much technical knowledge.

The Procedure

1. Tell us you need a website

At this stage you need to inform us about your requirements and expectations from the website. Some of the important details we require are like how many pages your website will have, whether you need flash/animation, ecommerce or any other special features. Also we need to know about your target markets and competitors so that it gives us a broader picture of your business.

2. Review Our Proposal

After studying and discussing the scope of the project with our designers and programmers, we will send you a detailed proposal stating what exactly you want and quotation. Some of the information in our proposal would cover the following points:

  • The Costing
  • The Functional Specifications
  • The Timeline for the project

4. Approve The Proposal

Once the proposal is approved, the assignment is forwarded to team. At this stage, the advance payment has to be made so that the purchase is confirmed.

5. Review The First Draft

The first draft of the design concepts will be sent within 3-5 business days(depending on the package you choose). After reviewing the concepts, choose one which you like best

6. Revision

Ask for revisions if you feel the chosen concept requires some. The revision process will continue till you find the design absolutely perfect.

7. Developing your website

Once the design is finalized, we will begin coding your website. The entire process generally takes a little less than two weeks (subject to change).

8. Go Live!

Once the website is finalized, we upload the final files to your web host account and cross check if there are any bugs. Once your site has been tried and tested, we make it live (with your approval).


Why make a website?

How often do you search in the online yellow pages for a particular business, only to find that they do not have a website? How often do members of the business community hand you a business card with an email address or the like? In today’s business world it is amazing to see just how many businesses still do not have a web presence.

In today’s tech savvy world for even the tiny little bit of information we are dependent on online search engines. If you have a business it’s a must for you to have a website up and running. With a site you get to tap into the huge market made up of search engine users who are willing to pay for your services but just don’t know where to look. There are thousands of them trust me not having a website mean you are losing out plenty many of your precious potential customers.

Even users are trustier towards firms that have a web presence. It gives them a sense of security because on the internet things are transparent and competition is stiff, so it’s really rare when you have pay exorbitant prices while shopping online.

Once you have a website you can list your website address on your business cards, flyers and pamphlets, bulletin boards and even the company sign that you have hanging on the side of your building. In fact, you can save money on these other marketing tools by having a website. For example, you can feature an electronic version of your catalog on your website, with no limit on size. You can describe all of your products and services in greater detail because space on your website is significantly less expensive then full color print. And what happens if you need to make a change, such as if you delete or add products or services? Are you going to reprint all of your printed marketing materials? On a website, you have the ability to make the necessary changes at no additional costs.

For your clients, they will have the convenience of reading about your company and the services and products you offer on their own time. In today’s world, people lead very busy lives when you consider the commitment of their careers and family. By having a well presented website, you lend yourself to the convenience of your clients. They can come to you when they want to. If you add a “Contact Us” link onto your website, it allows your customers to contact you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can drive traffic to your site to learn all about your company and what you have to offer. Your clients can get a much better idea about your business because you can feature multiple pages on your site with greater details about the different aspects of your company, products and services. You can even provide directions to your place of business, making it easier for customers to find you.

By having a web presence, you expand your market significantly. You make yourself available to people in other time zones and even across the globe rather than the limited market audience you can reach in your local geographical area. And at a fraction of the cost! With a website there is less need to send out expensive mailings to purchased mail lists that are often unreliable. Even those mailings that do make it to the target audience are thrown away without ever being looked at.

Now, may be your aren’t a entrepreneur and wondering what good it could come out of you having a site. Well the possibilities are endless, some of the few that comes to mind are:-

  •   Connect with people with similar taste and ideas, make new friends.
  •   Reach out to millions, gone are those days of media monopoly by powerful firms.
  •   Fight for a cause, help make a change.

The morale of the story is this – whether you are a small business owner, inventor, entrepreneur, artist, author, musician or band, you need a website. In the world we live in increasingly people are turning to the Internet to find information, and if you don’t have a presence on the Internet you will not only be making it more difficult for people to find you, but you will be sending the wrong message.

Why make A Website With Us?

Unique Design Concepts

At small2BIG, we offer custom web design! Every design is in sync with its industry, imbibing the values of the business at the same time. This makes every design unique. We come up with concepts only after investigating and understanding your requirements thoroughly. We offer multiple design concepts (depending on the kind of package you choose).

Website for every pocket

Every business, big or small, has the right to own a website. Hence we have some great packages for those who want an impressive online presence but are limited by their means. See Packages for details.

Additional Services

We do more than just designing an interface; we offer a mix of the latest design and development techniques such as Web 2.0, Ajax, DHTML, CSS, Flash etc. to make sure that your website looks complete and is fully functional.

A dedicated team of designers and programmers

Once you approve our proposal, we assign a dedicated team of 7 highly experienced designers and programmers who chalk out a plan for your website. The team delivers valuable inputs on ways to enhance your website and ensure a complete user-friendly experience.

A project manager

Just like we assign a dedicated team of designers and programmers, we also assign a project manager responsible for keeping you informed on the status of your project as well as keep an eye on the progress of the team. The project manager also ensures that the project deadlines are rightly met. He is your point of contact and you can communicate any information, feedback, or ideas to be delivered to the concerned team.

No copyright hassles

We always encourage customers to purchase images for their website or send us some (if they have any). If you want, we can buy images for you but the cost will be excluding your package price. This is to ensure that there are no copyright hassles which might even invite penalties in future.


What Kinds Of Websites Do We Have Out There? What are the Kinds of Websites Can I Get Made?

Make a wedding website

Make a baby website

Make an association website

Make an artist website

Make a theater website

Make a family web site

Make a daycare website

Make an online shop

Make a company website

Make a sporting club website

Make a photography website

Make a bed and breakfast website

Make a restaurant website

Make a local government website