So, I’m going to write about Off-Page Optimization & the activities related to it.

In simple words, Off-Page optimization means doing things off to website for getting ranked in search engines.  Off-page optimization is very important in the world of SEO. To get more traffic & more visibility in search engines we need to get more back-links to our website, & Off-Page Optimization is the best way to get back-links to your website.

Activities comes under Off-Page Optimization

1. Search Engine Submission

Many of you know the powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What if we get ranked in these Search Engines? Well, by submitting your website into these Search Engines will help to get ranking in these Search Engines. This is most important activity in Off-Page.

2. Directory Submission

Well, in last article I talked about Directory Submission. This is also very important activity in Off-Page. Submitting in various SEO friendly directories will help you to get more traffic & back-links. It will help you to boost your ranking in Search Engines.

3. Forum Posting

There are many forums on web. Lot of discussions are going on every day. By posting in these forums, participating in discussions will help you spread your links & improve your business all over the world. But before posting in forums first check the subject of forum, whether your category matches to it or not, the quality of a forum. These are very important things while submitting in forums.

4. Social Bookmarking

There are several powerful social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Digg etc. which can give you lot of traffic to your sites. Spreading your links on these sites can be seen by lot of people on the web. Social Bookmarking is very important part in Off-Page activities. Directory Submission is most likely done for better SEO results.

5. Blog creation & Article Submission

Blog is also an effective way to promote your website. Regularly updating your blog will help your website’s performance. By posting quality content on your website/blog will really help you to get ranked in Search Engines. Whenever Search Engines crawl your website, it looks for the content, that how the content is, the quality of content, whether it is genuine or copied from somewhere etc. these are very important factors which can affect on your ranking. If your content is copied then you will get banned from Search Engines. & the frequency of updating the website or blog also matters. Keep updating your website or blog, you will get good results.

6. Posting in Free Classifieds

The word Classifieds itself shows that you are posting your business ads in these classifieds. Posting your ads in these classifieds will help you reach more people on web & off course generating more visitors.