Domain Registration

Domain names – what are they?

A domain is like a distinct id or a postal address. Your internet id or address is one of its type or exclusive. When you register a domain it becomes yours as long as you pay the yearly renewal fee.

Most of us are familiar with the Top Level Domain (TLD) .com (dot com)

Apart from .com there are other domain like .net, .org, and .info. The TLD .biz is used only for business purposes. The latest domain launched is .WS (website).

Some nation states have their own TLD like

Spain has .es Japan has .jp The domain can be up to 64 characters and 3-4 letters after the dot (.) However it is advisable to have a t and easy domain so that its easy to remember

A domain can have letters, digits, signs, hyphens but it cannot have spaces

When Internet surfers search for interesting sites they have to insert either or simply These long strings are called the Uniform Resource Locator (URL for short), and many people think they are the same as the domain name. To be quite clear: The domain name is everything after the www. If the name of your choice is taken you simply have to try some variations of the name, maybe with a different spelling or a hyphen. Please remember that if the TLD .com is unavailable you may find that .net, .org or .info can be used.


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