Android is one of the most versatile open source mobile OS by Google that is run on a variety of Mobile Devices. Android application uses the versatile Google Android OS platform known for its intuitive and imaginative design, compatibility with multiple networks and the potential for game-changing applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs needed to develop custom applications and we are here to develop the relevant custom applications for you using the Java programming language.

small2BIG has been developing on the android platform for quite some time now. We have an excellent team of professional Java programmers with extensive experience developing android applications.

small2BIG develops custom android applications as part of its mobility solution offering to Small & Medium businesses. We provide turnkey solutions that includedevice procurement, design & development, configuration, installation & deployment. We also provide maintenance to support your systems and ensure process efficiency.

We expertise & recommend Android based solutions for a number of reasons

Easy deployment on a range of devices
Open Source
Cost Effective

Our Android developers keep themselves updated with the latest releases and versions.

If you looking for an android based solution to overcome any of your business challenge, we are the right choice. Please contact us for a free quote.