Hi all today i’m going to write about “Directory Submission”…..!

There are several directories available on the web which are showing thousands of links, submissions, sites, advertisements of
different companies, organisations, businesses & other products.
Directory Submission stands for submitting your website to the directories available on the web.
submission process contains submitting your website to the directories along with your site description, title, keywords,URL, E-mail, etc & getting approved by the directories. by submitting in directories, you get back links to your website, in simple words, spreading your links, your business across the world by “Directory Submission”

Directory Submission is the important thing in SEO. Directory submission comes under Off-Page Optimization.
so select the directories which are friendly with SEO. read more about SEO friendly directories here.
Basic things while submitting your site in Directories…..
There are many things should be covered while submitting your links into directories, though it seems to be very simple
task, but you have to take care of following things…

1. Choosing appropriate category related to your products..!
The most important thing while submitting in directories is to choose appropriate & suitable category for your business or
product. if you are providing services of computers & you are submitting it in catering services, then its totally wrong & you
will not get listed in that category where your services should have to be.

2. Filling your information in directories…!
While submitting in directories you will be asked for your information like the title of your site, your name, E-mail address, URL & description of your site, category, keywords, & captcha code.
you have to fill all this information correctly & carefully in directories.

3. Confirming your submission through E-mail confirmation…!
after submitting your site to the directories, you will be asked for confirming your submission by checking you E-mail.
if you submit your site but forgot to confirm your submission, then you site will not be listed in directory.
in few case, you don’t have to confirm your submission.

4. Paid listing, free listing, free listing with Reciprocal link.
there are some types of listing….

one is Free listing, one is Paid, & Free listing with Reciprocal link…

1. with Free listing you can add your website without paying money. but the approval time is too long in free listing.

2. with Paid listing/featured listing you can submit your website by paying money & the approval rate is fast.

3. with free listing with Reciprocal link you have to submit your website by putting directories link on your website.
Hope you enjoy this article……!