The Design Studio of BEESTUDIO explores alternative proposals from Brand Strategy through a specific Product Planning, Marketing Research, Concept making and Design Development to the end customers. They have been in the design business long enough.

Their skills are thoroughly prooved when we tell you about the managing director of BeeStudio – Mr. Emanuele Nicosia who is an automobile designer from Italy. He worked at Pininfarina for many years, designing the Jaguar XJS spyder in 1979 and working on the Ferrari 288 GTO and Testarossa. Later, he worked on the interior design of the Lamborghini Diablo and Bugatti EB110. Presently he is also head of Automotive Program at DYPDC – Center for Automotive Research and Studies, alongwith running his Beestudio design branch office in Pune. BeeStudio’s website is one of the most initial website small2BIG worked on.



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